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There is no particular mention of Tamateas mother going to Papara, to the head chief of her own clan, which would appear her natural recourse. On the other hand, she seems to have visited various lesser chiefs among the Tevas, and these to have excused themselves solely on the danger of the enterprise. The broad 800 phone personals party chat lines here drawn between Nateva and Namunu-ura is 800 phone personals party chat lines not impossibly anachronistic. Hiopa the king. Hiopa was really the name of the king chief of Vaiau; but I could never learn that of the king of Paea - pronounce to rhyme with the Indian ayah - and I gave the name where it was most needed. This note must appear otiose indeed to readers who have never heard of either of these two gentlemen; and perhaps there is only one person in the world capable at once of reading my verses and spying the inaccuracy. For him, for Mr. Tati Salmon, hereditary high chief of the Tevas, the note is solely written a small attention from a clansman to his chief.
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